May Swenson

Bad Hair: May Swenson

May Swenson

May Swenson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This poet doesn’t grab me, at all, but she’s in every anthology. She grew up in Utah, part of a large family of Mormon Swedish immigrants, and I’m sorry but I don’t know how that happened. By adulthood she became passably well-fed and depressive, a poet in the 20th century. The biographical information I’m turning up is about her imagery and sensuous (or maybe it was sexuous) sensibilities, and bad haircut, (okay it didn’t actually address this), and I’m sorry but I’m not coming up with anything better to grasp on, so here without further ado is the sample poem:

See what I mean? See? Or if you don’t it’s okay, probably I’m just being dense. I just don’t find any interest in any of her poems, at least not that I’ve read so far.


if I must

nature is pretty
death is bad
war’s really shitty
and love is sad

people get lonely
children are cute
rich folks are phony
and poor ones astute

If I don’t really care
do I have to read it?
or surrender my share
to those who need it

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