Sintigo soy nadie

2016 is my year to learn Spanish. That’s where my free time is going these days. I actually don’t study much, but I do spend a lot of time reading in Spanish, watching videos, writing, etc. I really should study more, or, like, move to Spain, but neither of those things is going to happen. My Spanish will never be perfect, but I’m hoping to make it presentable.

So maybe I’ll write a little bit about that. Relax into English once in a while.

I think it’s cool that is Spanish there are special words for “with you” and “with me”: contigo and conmigo, respectively. Those are just phrases that have more meaning as one word than two, you know? There’s technically also “consigo”, but you don’t see it much.

But there’s no “sintigo” (without you), and that’s really a shame. I could see this as the title of a corazón song for sure.

(Back up. About three quarters of the songs sung in Spanish involve crooning “co-rrra-zohhhhn” somewhere in them, often more than once. Sometimes much more. I call these corazón [heart] songs, and do my best to find music that does NOT have this word. Just another little thing to make life more challenging.)

Anyway, if the Real Academía Española (Yes, there’s a royal academy dedicated to overseeing the purity of the Spanish language… DON’T try this in English, folks!) happens to see this, I hereby propose “sinmigo” and “sintigo” as real words.



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