Sick Kitty

Scarlett’s been yowling a lot lately. A lot of MEOWWWWWRRR after every meal, and sometimes at random times too, like, on the rare occasions when she’s awake. She sleeps a lot, eats a little, and yowls. Before, we took care of this by treating her for constipation — lots of pumpkin and water in her canned food, some milk, cat treats coated in olive oil. That did the trick for months, but now it doesn’t seem to be enough.

I don’t want to call the vet, because I’m afraid of what she’ll say. Scarlett’s already on meds for seizures, which the vet says are caused by some kind of growth in her brain that’s not going to do anything but get bigger. Fortunately the phenobarbital works, and she hasn’t had a seizure in weeks, but it doesn’t do anything about the underlying problem. Plus, the cat is just plain old.

When Greta died, she just kept slowing down until all she could do was lie in the sun. Breathe, or not breathe. At some point, the question stopped being important. Scarlett, though, was always a pissy little thing.

2 responses to “Sick Kitty

  1. Oh no! I hope she will get better. 😦

  2. I did end up having the vet come over, and she had some really good suggestions, so things are better. 🙂

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