Squirrel Walking Weather

We’ve had the loveliest summer until now, with highs most days in the upper seventies. Yesterday was the first time it was hot enough that the squirrels refused to scurry. I definitely saw squirrels walking down the street.

Of course the squirrels are as spoiled as we humans are; everyone’s griping about the heat, when all it’s doing is getting into the upper eighties. I feel sorry for Rowan, though. She’s one of our substitute psychics, and she has a a genetic disease called TRAPS which gives her severe flu-like symptoms in hot weather. So severe she ends up in the hospital. She can’t hold a regular job, and about half the time when she’s working at the store she either calls in sick or has to go home early. That must be awful.

Well, I finally did it: threw out a mostly full package of sanitary napkins. I haven’t needed them for about five years, it was just hard to throw away something perfectly good. They’re individually wrapped, and I only used a couple, but it seemed kind of weird to give them to somebody, and you can’t very well donate an opened package to a food pantry. Maybe I could use them to clean up spills, but if I haven’t done it in five years I don’t think I’m ever going to. I thought of leaving them in a public ladies’ room, but couldn’t think of a good candidate where they wouldn’t just get thrown away by the cleaning staff. So I finally just chucked them in the trash.


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