Crash! Bang! Meow!

We had sirens around midnight. Kid B and I were trying to figure out what was going on. A pretty intense thunderstorm was coming through, but no wind to speak of. The power would go out, then go back on again. I couldn’t get the weather to come up on the internet. Well, I didn’t try all that hard. Since everything looked okay, I went back to bed, and just lay there and listened to it for a while.

Then this morning I went for a run down by the lake, and, dang! I must have seen a dozen whole trees down, either broken off near the bottom or uprooted. Plus quite a few large branches, one of which had taken out the corner of someone’s roof. The homeowner was outside talking to a neighbor about homeowner’s insurance, so I guess everyone was okay. In some places everything looked fine, while in other places everything was a mess of downed power lines and trees and neighbors standing around talking.

All of this was between half a mile and about three miles from my house. I’m pretty sure a tornado actually touched down. Meanwhile in our neighborhood, everything’s neat and tidy.

On my run and subsequent trip to the doctor, I saw:

– A building blown down. The roof had slid off, pulling the walls down with it. It was a printing business in an old corrugated metal building.
– A trampoline (not a little kiddie one, a big one with a mesh cage) blown 50 yards into a park
– A car with a tree on top of it
– Uprooted power poles
– One power pole that had broken in half
– A streetlight sticking sideways out of the shrubs in someone’s yard
– Three park playgrounds with equipment destroyed by trees
– Four stretches of street blocked off so workers could untangle downed power lines from the wreckage
– A public canoe storage rack blown into the lake
– At one home, all the old house paint had somehow blown out of a storage area and into the street, and some of the cans had dumped into the gutter.

So, that was something.

And yeah, I did have to go to the doctor. I usually stay away from those kind of people. But I was brushing Scarlett yesterday and must have hit a bad spot, because she turned around and bit my hand. My right ring finger got a nasty gash, the pinky just a nick. But a few hours later I noticed the pinky swelling. So now I’m on antibiotics.

The doctor, who seemed to be a very nice and competent lady, says you don’t mess around with cat bites. Cats have a number of nasty things in their mouths that love to infect humans.

I seem to be able to type okay, but other things I use my hands for may be difficult, especially writing with a pen.

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