You don’t even need to be Jesus

madison in februaryThis is what I love about the upper midwest: If you try walking on water in California, they laugh at you; here, they just figure you’ve got your dog out there somewhere.  Because if you’ve got a dog, there’s nothing better than a frozen lake.

(Well, maybe a frozen lake with a dead fish in the middle of it. For rolling, ya know.)

I don’t actually have a dog anymore (sniff), but I still like going out on the lake a couple times a year.

It was cold enough today that I even put my hood up. I’ve had this winter jacket for three or four years now, and I don’t think I’ve ever put up the hood. I hate things around my face–it’s got to be pretty damn cold before I’ll wear a hat or a scarf, and don’t even start with me about jewelry. But you get out there on that lake ice and there’s nothing to stop the wind.

I think about California all the time, about how much I miss the ocean. But if I ever went back, I think I’d miss winter more.

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