Some fall hikes around the Arboretum


This was an early morning walk, when everything was still very wet.


It gets very yellow at this time of year. They post short poetry on the busses, and I’m submitting this:

This week sugar maples unclothe,
drop handkerchiefs like Midas daughter,
and we walk in the golden land with
a thousand eyes around our heads.

Meh…at least, that’s where it stands  at the moment. I can’t seem to get the punctuation right. Or the words. Yeah. Back to pictures…



Where the leaves are still green.



I took a bunch of pictures of this little guy, trying to get a close-up. He was there on the way to the marsh, and I took a bunch of lousy pictures because I was afraid I’d scare him if I got too close. When he was in the same exact spot on the way back, I got more confident. Amphibians in fall, right?



The spring. Always have to stop here.



And this is why I always have to come here at this time of year. The sugar maples all change at the same time. It’s indescribable.

Birds seen: Less than before. The one sighting that I’ll remember is some birds with reddish breasts on the top of the visitor center. I couldn’t tell what they were at all, because I could only see them from the bottom, but when I looked them up it turned out they have to have been bluebirds. I couldn’t see any blue, though, so they looked so foreign.




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