One more thing that makes no sense

About ten or fifteen years ago, somebody decided that every bathroom in America needs to be handicap accessible. This was an enlightened decision. At roughly the same time, someone invented the ginormous toilet paper dispenser, one big unit that holds a single huge roll of toilet paper, which saves staff time while protecting us all from toilet paper outages. Another enlightened move.

Only the two things don’t work very well together. Handicap accessibility requires a big hand rail on the wall next to the toilet, to make it easier for people with limited mobility to get on and off the seat. It also limits the possible locations for the plus-sized TP roller; the bar itself is at about the level you’d usually want the roller. What most places do, then, is to place the big TP roller under the bar.

Since the roller is more than a foot in diameter, you have to bend down almost to the floor to pull off a handful of TP. It’s inconvenient for everybody, but I’ve got to think it must be especially tricky for people with physical limitations–exactly the people who are supposed to benefit from the bathroom’s design in the first place. Even someone substantially overweight would have trouble bending down that low.

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