Stupid, stupid, stupid

Okay, so I’m having all kinds of problems lately, but this one’s the stupidest.

I gave a check for $100 to a guy coming door to door who said he’d fix my roof. $200 for labor, to be paid after the work is done, but $100 for supplies, which he needed to buy before he could start. This was Sunday. Given everything I’ve been through, I should have known better. I actually do know better, but occasionally I trust people. I don’t know why. It must be some kind of vestige of childhood, when, not knowing any better, I was a good person.

He wanted to fix the roof on Monday, but nobody’s home that day, so we agreed on Tuesday. But he went straight out and cashed the check anyway. I know this because I got a call Sunday night when he took it to one of those payday loan places.

Then he was supposed to go to Home Depot for tar paper and shingles, which he’d bring over to my house on Monday around 9:00.

When nobody had showed up by 10 am, and I couldn’t reach anyone after a couple phone calls, I went over to his house. He lives in Transitional Housing, just a block away. His story is that he’s a contractor and New Orleans native made homeless by Hurricane Katrina. After that, he got a small business loan to get his contracting business going. I looked up the story online and it checks out. But seriously, he’s a contractor, and he cashes your check at a payday loan ripoff joint?

He was supposed to be over at ten today to fix the roof. I got a call around 9:15 from a woman who said he couldn’t come because of a scheduling conflict. She’d scheduled him to work in Sun Prairie and forgotten to tell him, she said. Sorry, so sorry, my bad, and all that. He’ll come over Thursday and do the work.

Well, Thursday it’s supposed to rain, so I don’t expect him till next week. If ever.

I can’t believe I was stupid enough to give this guy money. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about, though, when he went up to look at the roof.

I’m never going to trust anybody again.


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