I’m here!

Sometimes I wonder if I’m not invisible. I don’t remember setting up a cloak of invisibility this morning, but maybe, maybe… 

So I’m standing at a farmer’s market booth with some peas and some cucumbers. I ask the woman at the stand how much the peas are, and it turns out they’re too expensive. But I’m still standing there with the cukes. Another woman comes up behind with some fennel, and the woman takes her money, makes her change, bags her produce. Then a man comes up behind and hands her a twenty for some potatoes, gets his change and his bag of potatoes, jokes around for a while. I’m still there. Finally, the man goes away. I take a stealthy look over my shoulder to make sure no one else is lurking there before handing the woman my two ones for the cukes. Don’t need change, don’t need a bag.

I go to the next booth to buy some tomatoes. This time I make sure to engage the man at the booth in conversation. He can’t forget about me while he’s talking to me, right? Only right in the middle of weighing my tomatoes and telling me about having enough left over for some restaurant, a woman comes up behind me. The man gets out some raspberries he’s been saving for her, bags them, makes change for her twenty. Once he finishes his conversation with her, he lets me buy my tomatoes. I never do get to hear the end of the restaurant story.

No matter how many smiles and pleasantries I eke out, this tends to happen a lot. It worries me a little when I’m in traffic, but apparently my bike is visible even if I’m not, because cars do go around me.

It’s kind of annoying, but it’s more neat, you know? It’s like a superpower. I could use this to thwart bad guys, fight crime and protect weaker souls. Or steal stuff. Whatever. I am Middle-Aged Woman, awesome in my invisibility.

One response to “I’m here!

  1. Connie Morrison

    Yeah, right, just try to walk away with those cukes!

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