So, what have you been working on, Cathy?

I told Dad I’d post some before and after pictures of the big project I’ve been working on, a major clean-up my perennial garden.

So here’s the before:

DSCF0137That little string fence is to divide the part that stays wild and shaggy from the part that’s going to turn into a well-behaved perennial garden. Along that line, there’s going to be a swale, just as soon as it stays dry long enough for me to dig it. I’ve only dug a little starter trench, and the weather’s been so wet I can’t do much else with it yet.


The above picture showcases the plant I spent the most hours removing: lamium, a ground cover I put in back when I first planted the area, because I didn’t have anywhere near enough money to buy other plants to fill it up. (And no, I don’t know why this photo decided to behave differently from the rest on the page.)

On to the after pictures:


In the new version, you can actually see the ground! Or the mulch, really. Since it was a pretty large area, I used six sacks of cocoa bean mulch.

DSCF0141The thing that gets me is that most of this was under there all along–it was just hidden under a mess of lamium.  As time goes on, I’ll divide and transplant to fill in the spaces.

DSCF0145These photos were taken around dusk. I like the way it looks kind of foresty–which is really what it is. The whole area sits in the speckled shade of two mature silver maples.

This was phase two of my yard makeover, phase one being last year’s front yard veggie garden. I don’t think I’ll be waiting another year for phase three!


One response to “So, what have you been working on, Cathy?

  1. Connie Morrison

    Hi Cathy,
    That looks so pretty and natural. The pavers add a nice touch. I know it was a lot of hard work. You should be proud of yourself!

    Enjoy some R&R,

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