Going not gentle

Not much journaling lately, due to poem-a-day in April, but I have a little extra time today so I thought I’d throw a slice or two of life out there. Not that I’ve finished my poem for today, but I have something at the scratches-on-paper stage which I’m too tired and filthy to turn into a poem at the moment. I did my work-at-home stuff early so I could go out in the rain, to saw and haul a mess of branches that fell in the winter storms. This is a massive project, which I didn’t start or finish today, but I got a lot done. Now I’m covered with mud, but too tired for a shower or dinner just yet, let alone any poeticizing.

The neighbor’s back lawn has ducks swimming in it. It’s been raining just about all the time, though the forecast says it’ll turn to snow tonight. Don’t really see that happening–it must be fifty out there right now–but I’ll bring the plants in anyway.

For Poem in Your Pocket Day, I chose Dylan Thomas’ {i}Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night{/i}. I printed it out this morning, but it seemed kind of stupid to put it in the pocket of my bathrobe, so I stuck it under the plastic toy sea serpent I use for a paperweight and have been reading it at the rate of a line or three at a time throughout the day, while scribbling notes about work stuff on the backside. (Usually that’s not a good way to read a poem, but it’s a villanelle so I’m sure it’s okay.)

Poems are like babies, short but exhausting. I doubt I’ll journal again till May, which is looking like the Promised Land right about now. Not only will poem-a-day be over, I’m taking a week of vacation, starting on Beltane (May 1). Besides, I have a feeling it may actually stop raining and snowing all the time by then.


One response to “Going not gentle

  1. Like your pocket poem…sorry about all the debris in your yard. I know all about cleaning up limbs, yuck. The ducks sound nice.

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