Sooooo big!

Ten years ago, I never could have imagined a company that says, “Hey, Cathy, lookie! We’ve got just about every book ever written. And guess what? We’ll give you a choice between getting a discounted hard copy delivered, no shipping charge, in a couple days, or having the book instantly pop up on your handy e-reader! But hey, wait a minute, have you been using that credit card we sent you? Well, then, guess what else–you can have your book for free! Yeah! Oh, and all that stuff you’ve been wanting to buy forever, but it’s too big and/or heavy to lug home on the bus? We’ll deliver that for free, too!”

You expect me to hate this company? No way.

But Amazon is starting to look like a toddler who runs around the house all day, grabbing everything and trying to put it in his mouth. No matter how much you love the kid, he’s kind of scary.

So the latest thing is, Amazon is buying Goodreads. I’m sure the deal will equip us users with all kinds of handy linkages–putting your purchased books on your read shelf automatically, sharing GR reviews on Amazon, suggesting books, etc. Intentions are good, and all parties involved say Goodreads will maintain an independent identity.

Still, if that’s the case, you’ve got to wonder what Amazon wants with it.


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