Six inches off the floor

Nirayama City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Japanese futons.  See?  No frames. Picture via Wikipedia.

I got rid of my old futon the summer before last because it was flea-infested, at the same time we got rid of just about anything else in this house likely to harbor fleas. Those stupid bugs were driving Kid B and me batty. We had an exterminator come twice. The cats lived outdoors all summer and we vacuumed and laundered obsessively, but we still had to wear longjohns to bed to have any chance of sleeping. They tapered off when winter came, but enough of them came back last summer that I kept on sleeping on a camping mattress with a couple folded-up old comforters on top. The whole flea situation had me so bothered, no way I was going to bring anything new into the house for them to invade.

But last weekend I got sick of sleeping on the floor. My hip bones and shoulders wouldn’t stop whining. The next problem being, how do you shop for something to sleep on when you don’t have a car to haul it home?

It turns out you can get anything on Amazon these days. I found one that sounded okay, though it didn’t look like my old futon, and ordered it. Between a gift certificate my brother gave me for Christmas, points from my credit card, and free shipping from my Amazon Prime membership, the whole thing cost me about $25.

It came yesterday via Fed Ex, crammed in a canvas stuff sack that smelled like it had spent a couple years in a wet basement. After I got home from work, I pushed and shoved every which way on that stuff sack and barely managed to inch it down, so I said screw it and cut it away. When would I ever want to carry around a 55-pound mattress anyway? If I could even get it back in–they’d squished every molecule of air out of the thing and packed it in two layers of heavy plastic to get it in there in the first place. When I cut open the second layer of plastic, the futon made all these alarming popping and hissing noises as it sucked air back into itself.

I couldn’t wait to sleep on it. I didn’t even read in bed last night, because I didn’t want to be distracted from noticing how comfortable it was. I’m sitting on it now, without even needing a pillow under my butt! The old butt pillow gets to be a laptop table now.

I found out later that my old futon was a Japanese futon. Huh. I wouldn’t have thought you’d have to specify you wanted a “Japanese futon.” Isn’t that like ordering “Japanese sushi” or doing “Japanese origami”? But apparently American futons are the default, not Japanese futons. American futons are big old cushions, with various levels of internal mattress stuff going on, that are designed to go with a futon frame.

No frame for me. I just toss the thing on the floor and cover it up with lots of warm stuff, and it’s glorious. I think I’ll celebrate by going out and buying a couple new pillows.


One response to “Six inches off the floor

  1. I want one! There are so many choices on Amazon, could you perhaps give a link? Thanks 🙂

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