Everyone loves a man with a machete

diagonal Danny

With so much snow weight, branches are coming down all over town. Each of our silver maples landed a big one on a phone line. Our line is fine; it didn’t get touched. My bird block feeder is still hanging off it, attracting woodpeckers and nuthatches. Our trees are just screwing with the neighbors.

One came down on the phone line of Crazy Neighbor Lady to the right, and one came down on the phone line of Party Chick to the left. So this has been Danny’s exercise while he’s on leave: sawing up branches so the phone company can come out and take care of the lines. He’s out in Party Chick’s back yard now. It’s snowing, and he’s wearing sweatpants and army boots and a t-shirt he earned at some 10K in Texas, wielding saw and machete. If Party Chick comes home while he’s out there it’s going to look kind of funny, but I’m sure they’ll figure it out. That branch just came down either last night or this morning, so she probably doesn’t even know about it yet.

Crazy Neighbor Lady wasn’t home either. It’s funny their family hasn’t said anything about all this; that line went down a week ago. We just needed to get the branch out of the way before we called the phone company. (I have a sneaky suspicion that if they had to call a tree surgeon, we’d be billed for that.) I guess their phone and internet kept working, even with the line on the ground. But it’s running along the ground right through our back yard, so we need it fixed even if they don’t.

So good to have the Kids here! Danny is doing the lion’s share of the brush cutting and hauling, and Sam can be around to answer the door for the phone company if they come while I’m at work. Aren’t they helpful little cusses?


One response to “Everyone loves a man with a machete

  1. Hi there…so good to know more than “kid a” and kid b”….:-) Sounds like you are having a very nice holiday (in spite of the broken tree limbs)!

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