Seeing the elephant


politics (Photo credit: Asoka G M)

I can knock off seeing a president off my to-do list now, I think. You had to get down there when they opened the gates at 7:00 to actually get into the rally, and no way was I standing around for three and a half hours for that. But I went later on and stood behind the barricades, from which position I could see President Obama… on TV.

The whole scene was kind of cool–crowds of giddy and positive Madisonians, tickled that the president would choose our little city for an appearance on the day before the election. He didn’t have much to say but the usual political blah-blah-blah, but I felt all patriotic sitting there listening to in for once. Springsteen sounded good. Never seen so many cops in my life. Oh, and they had lines of snowplows blocking off the streets–how Wisconsin is that?

On my way onward to buy groceries, it turned out I was riding my bike along the motorcade route. Since they weren’t going to let me cross the street anyway, I hung around and watched the motorcade go by. So I kind of saw President Obama then, only he was behind tinted glass.

I’d care about politics a whole lot more if it weren’t so divisive. Sometimes I feel like real-world problems are just made worse by the way we talk about them in this country. It’s more like people yelling at each other, as opposed to dialog. And anybody who wants political power had better adopt the fixed positions of one of the two major parties on every single issue, or else forget about it.

My favorite personal story about politics is from back when I was training Danny on how to answer the phone. He must have been about ten. We were working on some homeschool stuff together when the phone rang and he answered it. He listened to the person, then called out to me, “Mom, are we a Democrap, or a Republicrap?” I was laughing so hard that by the time I got to the phone, they’d hung up.


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