A Dream

I had a dream last night, the first one I’ve been able to remember in about a year (though I sense I may be having some unremembered dreams lately).

I dreamt it was the middle of the night and I was sleeping. The phone rang. Kid B’s room is much closer to the phone than mine, so he picked it up before I had time to get out of bed. He came back to my room, and told me some woman had called from the airport. She told him a man was there, and that he’d been waiting some time for us to come pick him up.

We were still talking about what we should do, and were getting out the phone book to look up the number of a cab company, when Dan walked in the back door. He said he’d gotten tired of waiting and walked home. (It’s about four miles.)

He was very tired, so I got out the cot for him and found him some pillows and bedding.


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