I am now in possession of two employed Kids! Kid B interviewed for a job at the local newspaper last week, and today they called up and offered it to him. It’s only 18 hours a week, sending paper through some kind of automatic folder. But hey, the kid got the first job he applied for–when does that ever happen?

It’s probably thanks to the job program he was in all this summer. He showed up on time every day and did everything they told him to do, which is something I’ve observed about 95% of the U.S. population is unable to manage. So they must have given him a pretty decent recommendation.

It will be nice to have someone to share the household expenses. So far I’ve been paying everything, and my paycheck doesn’t really cover all my living expenses; I’ve had to plug the holes with insurance money, which I really should be saving as much as possible for when I retire.

Our desktop computer died a few days ago, but really it’s no biggie. I’ve got two laptops and Kid B has one. It looks like the printer just plugs into two of the three, so I don’t see any need to do anything about the desktop but toss it. Donating it to charity wouldn’t be doing them any favors.

Kid A’s doing fine in the military, still bored out of his skull down in Texas. Seems to spend a lot of time on FB acing some music-related game. He made PFC, so I guess he’s doing something right.


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