Two stories and three flowers

I’ve been really busy drafting: two new stories, that literary one I think I mentioned earlier, and a speculative fiction one. (There’s a site that’s actually put out a call for retold fairy tales–couldn’t let that pass.) So, two stories hanging around on word processing, and guess which one is grabbing me by the neck?

Literary fiction is often about what people do when faced by dire situations: political crisis, impractical love, untimely death, the unfairness and nastiness of life. Speculative fiction, on the other hand, is about what people do when their lover turns out to be their dead dog come back to life. Or when they take a temporary vow of silence, only to have their tongue cut out by laser-wielding revenants. Or when their Earth Escape Pod is set upon by pirates from the Pleiades.

We go through life expecting things to go wrong, wondering what we’ll do when it happens. The thing about speculative fiction is, it goes beyond that–things you’d never expect in a million years are right there in front of your face, and no matter how weird they are, you have to deal with them. I dunno, to me that’s just more interesting.

In other news: The gravel patch next to the driveway has sprung up with hollyhocks and daisy fleabane and evening primrose–pretty, if unplanned. Even the crack in the middle of the driveway holds a row of these skyscraper flowers!


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