Wisconsin is revolting!

Well, today’s the big day, when we either un-elect Scott Walker or fail to. Here in Madison, this is a huge occasion. We’ve had so many phone calls and people coming to the door reminding us of election day, I was starting to feel like a recording:

Yes, we know there’s an election Tuesday.
Yes, we plan to vote.
No, I’m not going to tell you who we’re voting for. (And how tacky of you to ask. . . didn’t say that part, of course.)

Every other house has a yard sign: Elect Tom Barrett, Recall Walker, Stand with Wisconsin. I know of one truck usually parked in front of a lakefront home that has an I Stand with Scott Walker bumper sticker (nicely cancelled out by the I Can’t Stand Scott Walker sticker I saw this morning), plus two houses with pro-Walker signs. Other than that, the governor doesn’t have much to show in this part of town for all the money he’s poured into this campaign.

Which is, I’m sure, just fine with him. Madison never votes Republican, so why should he care what we think? The pro-recall crowd can have the streets; he’s got the money for media adds. I had to sit through one before a YouTube video yesterday–Dropkick Murpheys, I think it was. Wait, no it wasn’t , it was Feist’s big song, 1234. Anyway, I was surprised to find a pro-Walker ad on YouTube, but from what I understand I’d be bombarded with the things if I watched TV or listened to the radio.

This is also Kid B’s first day on the job, so I’ve got the house to myself. I feel like I should be running around the house naked, singing opera to the houseplants, but instead I’ve been out all morning running errands. The program he’s involved with either lasts one or three months (Kid B was fuzzy about the details), and includes all kinds of counseling, job prep and help getting going with school if he chooses. He also gets paid, which will be the first time in his life he’s ever earned a paycheck. He is a very shy Kid, so he never got the experiences with petsitting Kid A did. I really think–and really hope–this program is just the thing he needs to get him off the ground.

Just the kind of thing, come to think of it, Scott Walker would probably like to get rid of.


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