Butterflies, bikes & dreams

Swallowtail butterfly

Swallowtail butterfly (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a dream the other night, which for me is really unusual. I know what they say, Reader Zero–everyone dreams, and people like me just don’t remember them. But I’ve never known what that was supposed to mean. If you said I was kidnapped by aliens every night and prodded rudely with mysterious test equipment, then had my memory wiped, that would mean something. But what’s a passing dream that’s gone before you’re aware of it? Just random thoughts moving through the brain, the same thing as most of my waking time. So why call it a dream, especially, just because I happen to be asleep?

Anyway, I had the first dream I’ve had in about a year. In it, I rode my bike without a helmet.

That was it. Pretty boring, yes? Not quite as boring as the one I had a few years ago about shaving my legs, but still. Who knows why I’d remember such a nothing dream, except that forgetting my helmet is ever more out of character than dreaming. It’s been about five years since I rode off without the thing.

But here’s the weird thing–that’s exactly what I did this morning! I had my hair tied up with a scarf, and got about three blocks before I noticed the helmet wasn’t there. I figured what the heck, this must be my day for living dangerously.

I’m thinking of getting a new bike. The one I have works, but it’s getting old, and is now in the one-problem-after-another stage of its life. Besides, there’s no more room for mini bumper stickers on it. I’m thinking I’ll get a brand new bike (first time ever!), and keeping the old one around for winter and emergencies. I poked around two bike shops this morning, and there are some nice workhorse bikes out there for around $500.

Also went to the Arboretum and jogged around, which is good for me when I’m working on Complexity (my novel that’s set there). It’s quite lovely at this time of year, between winter snow and summer blackflies. And for whatever reason, we’re having a bumper year for butterflies.


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