First World Problems

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Are we all ready to nominate that phrase for oblivion yet? It was funny enough at first, when it was used for things like not having enough room in your wallet for all your credit cards, but lately people are using it to refer to anything short of starving to death.

Anyway, I’ve spent the morning dealing with my large amounts of stuff: scrubbing all my floors, taking all my houseplants out for their first good drenching of spring, laundry, recycling, scrubbing the cat hair and barf off the furniture and windows (you don’t want to know). It took three and a half hours! It doesn’t seem like I got all that much done, but I was working all that time except for a couple potty breaks. Well, and the time I got a little distracted putting a few refrigerator poetry words up on the freshly scrubbed side of the fridge. But only for a minute!

It does seem like, for just the two of us here, there are an awful lot of floors.

Cats are nothing compared to kids. They used to make such a mess, especially when their friends would come over–they’d have Playmobils and action figures set up in the house, and all kinds of squirt guns and balls all over the yard. I’d get them to clean up as much as possible, of course, but with little boys ever their clean-up efforts make a mess. After a week of homeschooling the house would be a wreck by the weekend. I’d try to spend the entire day Saturday cleaning house, correcting their work and writing up our lesson plans for the next week. It was so good to wake up on Sunday and have everything clean! It was exhausting, but worth it so we could go do family stuff without me having to worry about anything.

The house stays a lot neater now, so big cleaning days are a lot less frequent. It’s so nice to be able to walk barefoot without getting guck on your feet, and have everything smelling like fresh air and grapefruit spray cleaner.

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