Thanks for the money, y’all!

Well! I did the taxes yesterday, and it turns out the government no longer wants my money. They’re not only refunding all the Federal and state taxes I paid, they’re throwing in an extra $700 or $800 besides. I get “homestead credit,” which is basically property tax relief.

It’s just kind of strange, because I’ve never had anything like the amount of available cash I have right now. It’s all life insurance money, with most of it squirreled away in IRAs and a health savings account and some kind of mutual funds and annuities I don’t begin to understand. All I know is I don’t pay tax on any of it. And at the same time the government is afraid I’ll starve and freeze to death on my puny income, and so it comes about that my net contribution to public finances is a few hundred dollars worth of property tax–less than what I’m getting in food stamps.

I’m not complaining. I realize I have to be awfully careful about spending that life insurance money. It just feels wrong to be a net “taker” when I’ve always been a net “giver.”


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