It pays to hire a poet!

Doesn’t everyone, at least secretly, want to write the little messages in fortune cookies? Don’t lie to me, Reader Zero, you know you do. That’s how I spent a couple hours today, writing fortunes. Not for cookies, for stones. We twist tumbled stones in a piece of tissue, with a message inside that matches the metaphysical properties of the crystal. They have to be short, positive, and sort of woo-woo but not so woo-woo that they’ll turn off somebody who doesn’t know his aura from his sacral chakra.

Labradorite:  Psychic sense tingling! You are beginning to “see” in new ways.

Snowflake Obsidian: The shortest route to Happiness is the road of Virtue.

By the time I got to Yellow Jasper, I’d gone through two big mugs of herb tea and was pretty darn sick of writing platitudes in comic sans serif. But basically it was fun.

Kid A was home on leave for a few days, but he’s gone now. He’s all set to go to school down in Texas, which the Army apparently encourages. He’s interested in learning to be an EMT, or an Army Ranger, or a C++ programmer. Maybe all of the above; the Army doesn’t have much else for him to do.


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