Score one for the bullies, one for us

broken glass on the subway

Some moron's idea of fun

Some drunken asshole smashed the store’s front door Saturday night. Not enough to get in and steal stuff, just enough to cover the door with a big spider of a crack. There are video cameras on the street, but Diane didn’t even bother calling the police because she figured they wouldn’t be able to do anything. No hurry about checking in with the insurance company either, since the cost of replacement will be only about half our deductible.

With all the chain stores downtown, why us? Couldn’t they put a brick through a Gap or Starbucks or KFC? Heck, there’s an American Apparel right next door! Has it become cool among the rowdy classes to trash small local businesses instead?

In better targeted protesting, a crowd of 30,000 filled the Capitol Square this weekend to kick off the recall against Governor Walker–a big enough crowd that I had to walk and foot-push the bike for a few blocks to get to work! The first day petitions hit the streets, I signed.


One response to “Score one for the bullies, one for us

  1. Sorry to hear about your store. But our random site about dick moves (also a VERY small business) has posted your story in solidarity.

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