Memo to Texas: Seriously?

Rick Perry shows us around his office. He's Te...

Let's see now, there's Commerce . . . Education . . . Hey, look over there!

You people down there have got to stop electing these semi-literates and then trying to foist them on Washington. Not cool, ladies and gentlemen! I know, I know. You try and pretend you’re just keeping him out of trouble for a few months, that by the time the primary rolls around he’ll self-destruct and the serious Republicans will hand him his ass on a platter. But that’s not what happened last time, is it? Please reel this sucker in before he abolishes the Department of Whatchamacallit.

In our own Wisconsin Gubernatorial Follies, after a comparatively quiet summer, the recall effort is getting seriously underway. With the usual summer festivals, farmers markets and athletic events pretty much out of the way, the outside of the Capitol building again belongs to protesters. There’s at least one man with a very loud voice whose only occupation is going around yelling “Re-call Wal-ker” all day long.

Lots of people here have signs in their house and yard, bumperstickers and teeshirts supporting the recall. I even saw it spelled out on someone’s front steps in pumpkins, with a letter carved into each one.

But it’s going to take more than cute Madison shenanigans to recall the man. After all, Madison didn’t elect him, and I’m sure it’s Walker’s policy not to give a damn about constituents who aren’t going to vote for him anyway. It all comes down to whether the more conservative parts of the state are liking what they elected.


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