Phantom Lyrics

Tailpiece of a mandolin.

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I was listening to some instrumental tracks this morning, especially various old Dead Can Dance songs. I need to think three-dimensionally for today’s chapter, and zoning out to Invoking the Muse helps.

Anyway, I finished those and it still wasn’t all the way light out yet. The most recent Fleet Foxes album was still sitting around from a few days ago (my housekeeping during hyperfocused writing binges leaves something to be desired), and I remembered it had an instrumental on it. The weird thing is, I didn’t even realize it was an instrumental till I looked at the lyrics sheet and noticed there were no lyrics for “The Cascades.” Just lyrical, layered mandolins.

I put the song on this morning, and danged if I don’t still hear lyrics. They’re vague:

After the nah-nah-nah-nah it the meadow
And after the something fills the dawn
After the something in the deep blue sea
Long . . . bing bing bing, etc.

It goes on for the whole song like that, disgusting, hackneyed lyrics that I like to think neither Robin Pecknold nor I would ever write. And neither of us did!

It Came From Inside My Brain! Aaaaaaagghh!!!!!


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