Fairy Princess Moon Ring

Vacation! Whooppeeeeee! Nine days of radical staying home, mostly. I’ll take my usual morning run and buzz out to the Tuesday East Side Farmer’s Market, but other than that it’ll be writing and cooking and reading and playing house.

Before I left work last night, I bought the most out-of-character bauble. It’s the most fanciful ring, a marble-sized moonstone with crazy schiller, in a setting that looks like fifteen shiny silver root-fingers holding onto the stone. This is totally out of my usual jewelry mode, which runs to handmade art pieces and single-element rings. The only ring I wear full-time–washing dishes, in the shower, running, biking, the whole bit–is a slender band of hammered rose gold, which attracts no attention whatsoever unless I use it as part of a multi-metal ring stack. A lot of the time I don’t wear any jewelry but that one ring. I like pretty clothes, and to me a whole mess of jewelry makes a woman’s appearance too “busy.” Some women can pull off the Bold and Blingy Broad look, but it just ain’t me.

So now, I don’t know what I’m going to do with this big honkin’ ring. (It wasn’t expensive, BTW. This is the midwest, our store’s got good prices even for our area, plus I get a nice discount.) I can’t see working with something like that on, either at home or in the store. I’ll just have to save it for when I go out partying in Fairyland.


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