What did you do in school all day?


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I know it’s only early afternoon, but what the heck, the coolest events in the day so far:

– Leafed through Sister Wendy’s The Story of Painting. I love this book! Today I was looking for beautiful women, and found them–everything from Etruscan wall paintings of girls gathering flowers to Picasso nudes. If any of them were around today, they’d be rushing off somewhere, jangling the car keys and muttering, “I hate my thighs!” In some ways, if you’re looking for a gentler time to be a woman, the choices would consist of “any time but now.”

– The leaves outside the window are all being ruffled by the same wind, but they don’t look the same at all. The big leaves of the weed tree right outside the window don’t look at all like the jumpy, lacy ones of the fence line trees, and those ones don’t look anything like the pixil-ish, on-and-off pings coming from the branches way overhead. Queer.

– Somebody I don’t know at all read a bunch of my Yelp reviews and blog entries, and left comments just to basically say hello. Hello!

– Trader Joe’s Pizza Margherita with croissant-ish crust, for lunch. My-oh-my that was good!

– Buddhas, man. I was trying to get started on an article about all the different types of Buddhas. We carry Buddhas in various poses in the store, and when someone comes in and asks for one by name I always feel like an idiot, because I have no freakin’ idea which is which. I started the article by listing whatever I could remember. Let’s see, Maryan-something, and Avilotesh-something, and, um, yeah, uh. . . that’s it! Actually, that isn’t anything!

Obviously I’m not a Buddhist, but I have a feeling that all those Buddhas carry the same basic message: “Be kind to yourself, to create at least the possibility of being kind to others.”


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