In which I think about men, just a little

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Mostly, now, I live in a world of women. This is not my native territory. I grew up with four brothers (no sisters), married a guy and had two boys (no girls), and in between stayed in households that skewed masculine. But now, what? Go to work, spend a little time hanging around here, an even smaller amount of time on Facebook. All these places are female, mostly. I’ve always thought both men and women behave better in mixed company, but I’d have to say, I have an easier time understanding men.

But actually, yes, I did mean “think” in that sense, though generally in negative terms. Like, “I’m not having anything to do with another guy who smokes, or otherwise doesn’t take care of himself.” Or, “I’m not interested in anybody, but even if I was, I wouldn’t go near someone that young.” Or, “Nice guy. Nice sense of humor. Nice spare tire.”

Most often I think I’m happy the way I am, with my smallish life. I have my little house, my little job, my little garden, my little bike, my scrunched-up bits of writing. I’ve got a dad, brothers, and my boys for company. I see so many people every day, it’s not like I’m lonely.

Anyway, I don’t think I’m lonely.

Maybe sometimes men look, probably wondering “Just what the hell is that anyway?” And guys will flirt, I suppose to prove that they still can.

Ah well, time to go clean the rest of Dan’s stuff out the garage. I had to take out my contacts and rest my left eye first because some stupid bug flew in while I was riding my bike home from the supermarket.


One response to “In which I think about men, just a little

  1. Oh, stop it! OK, I am addicted for real now. 😀 (skulks away)

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