Saved the princess, stole the car

Kid A

Kid A is off to Real Army now: Texas.

Texas is way army. From what I can tell, all military bases are flat, beige hardpan complexes that look like they were landscaped by nukes. In Texas, the whole state is like that.

It was nice having him home for a bit. With Kid A, there’s never any pretension. He likes my company, we talked some, spent a little time together. But mostly he engages himself with eating, sleeping, music, and video games. We’ve always been like that, a family of loners. I asked him if he was catching up with his online friends, and he gave me that Mom-you-are-such-a-lost-cause look. He met up with a few of them, but only to get back into the text-based game he’s currently hooked on. While he was around, that’s what they talked about, and now that he’s gone, nobody misses anybody else. Very weird to me, but if video games are the point of life, I guess it makes sense.

With nothing special going on now, I am now working on de-stressing. Working really hard, man. I’m off work today. I didn’t get enough sleep last night. (I never do.) After lunch, I felt tired. At which point I caught myself thinking, “I can’t take a nap right now, I’m supposed to be working on alleviating stress!”


Took the nap. Felt better.

Also, refrained from downing a whole large pot of black coffee before 9:00. Tried not to beat myself up about my inability to do twenty things at once.

I may be able to get used to this, eventually.


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