Dastard Most Foul

Sugar Maple - Acer saccharum leaves in autumn ...

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I can’t believe he did this! The neighbor around the corner had the most beautiful tree in the neighborhood cut down–a mature sugar maple. It certainly didn’t look sick to me. In summer, it had the thickest tree shadow, and in fall, zounds! Whenever I passed by, I’d have to stand on the sidewalk for a minute, looking up. Every autumn was a unique blend of yellow and red and shades in between. Now all you can see is his icky lawn and nasty hedge, and the front of his house, which could definitely use some paint.

The little angel on the right shoulder says the tree must have been invisibly sick, but the somewhat larger devil, who hangs out on my left shoulder, claims that this guy just got tired of having to rake.

If I see him I’ll ask, but I’ll probably never know, because he’s not the sort of person who’s ever outside.


One response to “Dastard Most Foul

  1. Christ, what an asshole… 😦

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