The Genius that is Scott Walker

Oh, I’ve heard plenty about the governors of Illinois, Indiana and New Mexico.  The guy down in Florida is a job and a half.  Still, I think our Scotty is the worst of a bad batch.

He and some of the others seem to have a new way of governing badly, though, and it’s really pretty smart.  The thing is, so much of public life has hardened itself into two camps:  red vs. blue, Republican vs. Democrat, Christian politics vs. secularist politics.  Heck, phonics vs. whole language.  Whichever side you’re on, you’re expected to toe the line on whatever issue comes up:  immigration, abortion, guns, whatever.  People vary, but by and large we take our places on our own side of the line.

Walker’s genius is that he doesn’t even pretend to care about anyone on the wrong side.   He doesn’t mind picking fights.  Unions and teachers don’t tend to vote Republican, and the teacher’s unions wouldn’t support a Republican no matter what he did.  Well, then, why even try to keep public education solid?  Why should he care about teachers?  Or trial lawyers, or gays, or environmentalists?  They wouldn’t vote Republican even if he, personally, bent over backwards.  So what would be the point?

We’ve got an assemble primary coming up, with half a dozen serious Democrats vying for a seat that is pretty sure to go to whichever one of them gets the nomination.  Usually, I’d vote for someone who works well with both parties.  But just now, I think I’d rather vote for the lady who seems most anxious to butt heads.  She comes into politics by way of Planned Parenthood, so the Republicans are going to hate her guts.

But we might as well take a page out of Scott Walker’s book.  Since the seat’s sure to go Democrat, why not choose somebody who likes to fight?  Under the circumstances, compromising isn’t called for.   No reason both sides can’t pick a few fights.


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