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Raccoon (Procyon lotor)

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We have a resident raccoon. I saw her out there this morning, feasting on some old granola I stuck out there. Cute, chubby thing. I watched her through the window while I was putting on my shoes. When she was done at the feeding dish, she came onto the patio, sniffed around at Mike’s dish, and poked around the Kwan Yin statue to see if anything was left of my offerings. The way she went straight from one thing to another, it looked like she knew her way around.

Lots of raccoons live in the neighborhood, and throughout the city. They use the sewers as tunnels, and probably nest down there. Sometimes you’ll see a mama watch all her cubs go down the sewer grate, then follow along behind.

Not such a good year for bugs, except fleas. Even though I got rid of two beds, a carpet, and a bunch of stuffed furniture, they’re still around. Possibly living in my running shoes, because whenever I put them on I get fleas coming up over my socks. I stick each foot up on the toilet seat and brush the fleas into the water, then flush them down, but by the time I get out to the sidewalk a bunch more are gnawing on and crawling up my legs.

Mosquitoes are down this year. I only got about fifty bites while watering and picking the raspberries, which is nothing compared to what we’ve usually got out there this time of summer. In a normal year, it’s not getting bit that drives me inside–by now I’m immune–it’s being unable to inhale without sucking up bugs. I know, gross!

And bunnies–frisky little mini-rabbits everywhere! I saw one little guy rolling around on his back in a puddle of leftover road sand, just like a dog. We even have wild poets running around! Somebody left poems taped to the planters down by Lake Mendota.


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