One day when I went by,  a couple hundred people spread all around the State Capitol building doing a call and response. “REcall WALker!” they’d chant from one side of the building, then you’d hear “REcall WALker!” coming from the other side, for hours and hours and hours. For months, sidewalk stands and local stores have been selling anti-Walker tee shirts, pins and bumper stickers. On Madison’s east side, where I live, quite a few cars wear bumper stickers and many houses have a jumble of protest signs displayed in the window. Yesterday I saw a guy jogging along with a “Recall Walker” bumpersticker plastered to his butt.

Two sides of the Capitol Square are now a tent village, complete with cantina and medical tent. It just appeared there one day, tents and lawn chairs and everything, and looks like it’s going to stay put for some time. Every time I bike by, there are people out there making signs, playing music, or just shooting the breeze. Big signs proclaim the hundred or so tents “Walkerville.”

An official recall can’t take place until January, but it’s clear no one’s going to forget about it in the meantime.


One response to “Walkerville

  1. And no one should forget!!

    Also, I just realized the name of your store is Mimosa. (Or just remembered.) Mimosa being a plant crucial to my youth, involved in my earliest memories, and lasting yearnings.

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