Grunt Jr.

Basic Training, Fort McClellan, Alabama.

Image by imarcc via Flickr

(Note:  This entry is left over from just after Mother’s Day; I just forgot to post it.)

I was disappointed not to get a Mother’s Day call from Kid A in Ft. Benning, but I probably would have been at work anyway. Just now the phone rang and the caller id said Carol Somebody-or-other, and I was thinking, nuts, probably some hoosis wanting to do an event at the store, calling me at home on my day off. But it was the Kid! Turns out the sergeants had all the phones locked up yesterday, and all of the sergeants had the day off. So they’re letting them call a day late.

He has a cold, as expected, but is otherwise doing well. Once he’s done with the general training, he’ll be learning to be a mortarman.

I don’t plan on going down there for Family Day, and he says that’s fine, because he and a bunch of his buddies are going to rent a hotel room and attack the buffet like a bunch of starved T-rexes.

They wake them up in the middle of the night sometimes and make them do extra PT, whether because of some infraction or just because they feel like it. One night they got them all out of bed and lined them up. Only instead of telling them to hit the floor and start doing pushups, the sergeant said, “Want to hear some good news?”

*Yawn* yeah. . .

“They got Osama bin Laden!”

As you can imagine, the Army has no mixed feelings about that particular death.

The Kid also told me the only reading material they’re allowed is military manuals and the Bible, and asked me to send along some stories with my next letter. Nothing of a military or religious nature–he’s got that covered. Just something entertaining and good. Hmm, let’s see what we’ve got here. . .


2 responses to “Grunt Jr.

  1. All this description of Basic really brings back memories. In fact, so does the picture since I spent about a year at Fort McClellan before shipping out overseas. Just out of curiosity, does the mortarman training happen a Ft. Benning, or does Pvt. Richwalski get sent somewhere else for that?

  2. Heh, you caught me using a generic WordPress photo! Not that I ever do anything else, at least not so far. The only photos taken by me in this blog are the header and the photos of me.
    He said they just more or less run the segments of his training together, so that it’s just like a very long basic training, all at Ft. Benning. Whenever I ask him what’s next, he says, “I dunno!”

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