They have this nifty word in German, kummerspeck, which literally means “grief bacon.”  It refers to the fat you add while grieving.

After making such a huge honkin’ deal about losing weight last year, and keeping most of it off even when Dan and I were traveling, I managed to gain about twenty pounds in the months after he died.  It was just like, who cares?

This was not to last indefinitely.  I’ve started doing calorie restriction, the idea of which is to slow metabolism and increase longevity. I want to live to be a hundred anyway, so might as well.  A side effect is that I’ve been losing an average of half a pound a day, and am now back to where I was right before our train trip to Chicago last spring.

Sigh.  Sad, sad.  The more time goes on, the sadder I get.  But not so much larded with grief bacon, at least.


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