PT for OLs

Kid A looked up the Army’s age group requirements for me, so I can work along with him on running, sit-ups and push-ups.  If he reaches certain levels, he gets to bypass some of the crap of basic, and maybe get a couple steps up the ladder of Infantry School.

For each exercise they have a range of passing scores, from acceptable on up to excellent.  Having spent the winter performing a kind of sit-ups called “torture twists,” I’m pretty good with core strength, and the running is coming along well enough for this time of year.  Push-ups, meh.  I managed two on Wednesday, worked hard on arm strength yesterday, and today couldn’t even manage one.
I made a chart for the fridge.  While the run moved from C to B and the sit-ups from B- to B+, today’s push-up score earned me an F-.  Pretty sorry showing for a fitness geek.

But the real problem is, I’ve only got two and a half weeks before Kid A shoves off for Basic.  I think I can manage a few more push-ups in that time, but getting my head around becoming an Army Mom is another matter.

This isn’t me, but you get the idea.  The “suggested photos” from WordPress  all featured twenty-ish people, mostly male.  This photo presents a nice alternative.


2 responses to “PT for OLs

  1. Kid A is lucky he has you to help him prepare. All I had was four years of the drill-instructor-like Coach Comstock at Del Valle, plus being in super shape from playing basketball and hiking up that hill my whole life. Actually, all that was quite a leg up now that I think about it. That’s great that he can do away with some parts of basic by preparing ahead of time. Not surprisingly, times have changed considerably. I wish the lad well in the Army.

  2. The Volunteer Army has to be a lot different from the Viet-Nam era draft, and the changes would almost have to be for the better.

    No Coach Comstock for him, just me, but having a long distance runner for a mom has its own hazards. I remember one time when the Kid was in gymnastics and asked, “Mom, my muscles are really soar. Do you think I should still work out?”

    I said, “Of course you should! This isn’t fitness, it’s competitive sports. It’s supposed to hurt!”

    Occurred to me later that this was not the answer they gave out at Mother School. . .

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