Madison Wacko Attacks Baby!

The right is having such a hard time proving that things have gotten violent here, and all this peaceful protesting makes boring coverage for the poor folks at Fox. So I am ready to come forward and confess: On Saturday, March 12, 2011, I struck a small, defenseless infant and made her cry.

It was a soft drumstick, the padded leather kind that comes with an Indian hand drum, and I didn’t drop it from that far over her head. I’d pulled the drum off the shelf to show her Gramma, and the stick just slipped out of my hand. The little girl seemed to be crying mostly out of surprise, but she glared at me from her stroller, full of infant suspicion. Even when I gave her Momma a free piece of chocolate for her at the counter, she still had that “You bad lady!” look on her pretty little face.

So there you have it: violence, with a suspiciously anti-family tinge.


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