Homeschoolers take lots of field trips, and when we used to get a kick out of the charter buses from the “Lamers” company when we’d go downtown to see museums and shows, or watch the state Supreme Court in action.  “Another bunch of lamers!” the kids would say.
Lots of Lamers came to town yesterday, along with Korbussen, school buses, and every other charter company that serves the midwest.  I had a bit of the wait at my stop yesterday, as coach after coach zoomed by towards the Capitol.  The Square was literally packed with people, and I was floored when I got down to State Street and saw it full as well, halfway to campus.  Everyone was taking pictures with their cell phones.  Nothing like this, ever.
The store was full of excited visitors all day–except at 3:00, when the Wisconsin Fourteen made their comeback speeches.  I asked people coming in afterwards how that went, but nobody knew; no one could get close enough to see or hear much.
Yesterday’s crowd will probably be the last really huge one, at least until Governor Walker pulls his next outrageous stunt.  People are counting the months until we can legally initiate a recall effort.  I’ve seen recall campaigns come and go, but this one is going to be serious.


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