Army of one what, d’ya suppose?

It would be impossible to exaggerate how hard Kid A has fallen for the U.S. Army.  He buzzed his hair.  He walks around in fatigues and an army tee.  He’s taking some kind of online training course about how to salute.  He did pretty well on the entry tests, so he gets his choice of specialties.  He’s thinking EMT, but I don’t know; Kid A has no patience with classroom work.  But right now, if the Army says jump he’s going to ask permission to jump higher, SIR!

This is the same kid who used to nail plastic army men to slabs of wood and light them on fire.

He goes down to Ft. Benning for Basic in April, but the recruiting office has this whole pre-basic training regimen.  He’s spending the entire day today at a winter survival training session.  I guess that could come in handy in Afghanistan.  (I’m sort of wondering if by the time he’s ready they’ll be shipping out to Egypt.)  Kid A has lived outside for real, so he should rock at survival training.  Even before his homeless stint in San Francisco last summer, he tried tent camping a couple of winters ago up at Wisconsin Dells while working at a water park.  Holy smokes, that had to suck pretty hard.  He only stayed up there a couple weeks.

After the survival training session, they go sledding.  Woo hoo!


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