Morning Run

Of course there were difficulties. Not the foot of snow; everyone’s had a chance to shovel by now. Not zero degrees, which is easily handled with layers, plus a slathering of greasy moisturizer on the face to avert chapping. The Yak Trax Kid B gave me for Christmas last year do a good job on icy surfaces. Yeah, there were a couple places I wish I’d had my snowshoes, but not for long enough to make it worth the bother of taking them along. And it’s not like I had to go off-road, it just looked like fun.

The main difficulty, running in winter, is traffic. After a storm everyone drives slowly, hunched over the steering wheel, preoccupied with their own problems–yielding to pedestrians not being one of them. I don’t expect anyone to stop in a hurry on snowy streets, even at controlled intersections, so I did a good deal of waiting it out when crossing the main roads. But as soon as I got across, I’d be bounding off into the drifts like some demented bunny rabbit, to go see how different the lake, creek and trees look in the snow.

The only other out-of-vehicle person I saw was a young woman, who was unlocking her bike from a No Parking sign outside the school. She called out, “You go girl!” as I ran past, and I called back, “You too!”

Other than that, I was the only human out there, enjoying snow-covered parks and vacant lots, tolerating herds of cars that went by so slowly, I half expected them to go “moo.”

It was fantastic. I’ve decided I’m the Queen of Solitude.


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